Learn more about Eversource ConnectedSolutions

Enroll in Eversource ConnectedSolutions with your
eligible Wi-Fi air conditioner (room A/C or mini split / ductless heat pump)
to earn rewards for keeping your neighborhood cool on peak energy use days.

Save money, save energy, and earn a $20 gift card each year!

Eligible Air Conditioners

Learn whether your A/C is eligible or check the list before you upgrade this year. See eligible models here.


Receive a $20 Amazon gift card when you participate by enrolling an eligible Wi-Fi air conditioner and making sure it is online.

Peak Demand Events

During times of high energy demand, Eversource will lower the energy used by your air conditioner by turning it off and on periodically or raising the thermostat set point for a few hours. You maintain control of your air conditioner and can opt out of these adjustments at any time.

Help Connecticut stay cool

You'll still maintain your home's comfort, and by joining together with thousands of others participating in peak energy events you'll help reduce strain on the electric grid and carbon emissions, helping everyone to stay cool while protecting our environment.